Logo Design

As a graphic designer passionate about music and visual expression, I had the privilege of creating the logo for VoltageRiot Festival. Inspired by the festival’s electrifying atmosphere and cutting-edge musical genres like minimal Techno, Darkwave, and Electro, I crafted a minimal and clean design featuring bold lettering in dark blue, sand, and burgundy hues. This logo embodies the festival’s energy and aesthetic while maintaining a modern and sophisticated appeal. It’s an honor to contribute to the visual identity of such an electrifying event in Athens, GR.


Dive into the pulsating rhythms of VoltageRiot Festival through its meticulously crafted posters. Drawing inspiration from the festival’s bold logo, we’ve infused each design with the basic colors of the logo and by using dynamic wire frames, our posters illustrate the seamless continuity of sound, inviting you to immerse yourself in an electrifying experience.

Social Media

Utilizing the same bold color palette as the logo, each image pulsates with the energy of electronic music. The dynamic wire frames add depth and movement, while the striking black and white cut-out photos of the bands set the stage for an unforgettable experience.