Bursting with energy and imagination, our logo captures the essence of creative learning. Each dynamic element reflects the boundless possibilities awaiting students as they embark on their language journey.


With their sleek design and round corners, our minimalist yet playful business cards for ‘Think Up!’ English school, exude modernity and approachability. Emblazoned with our vibrant logo, they serve as a playful introduction to our dynamic approach to language learning.


Even the exterior design of the Think Up! Learning Hub sparks creativity. With bold yellow stickers adorning the windows, allowing natural light to flood the classrooms, and speech balloons bearing words like ‘create,’ ‘explore,’ ‘inspire,’ and ‘connect,’ the building serves as a beacon of learning and innovation. Complemented by a sleek and minimal sign featuring our vibrant logo, every detail reflects our commitment to fostering a dynamic and engaging educational environment.

(Under Construction)


Our vibrant advertising poster captures the essence of our innovative approach to language learning. Bursting with speech balloons that encapsulate our diverse range of services, from interactive classes to personalized tutoring, each service resonates with the promise of growth and exploration.