As the co-founder and the Creative Director of Dreadbox, I had the privilege of leading the visual identity of this innovative synthesizer company. Our mission was to bridge the gap between the classic warmth of analog sound and the cutting-edge technology of modern music production.

The main logo for Dreadbox was a testament to our dedication to analog excellence. It features a sleek, modern design interwoven with the symbolism of the analog tape, paying homage to the rich heritage of analog sound that inspired our products. This logo not only represents the brand’s commitment to high-quality audio but also evokes a sense of nostalgia for the timeless warmth of analog sound.

In addition to the company’s logo, I designed all the logos of each of the synthesizer products. Each product logo was crafted to reflect the distinct personality and functionality of the synthesizer it represented, ensuring a cohesive yet diverse visual identity across Dreadbox’s product range.


Effect Pedals

Modular Cases

Product Design

I also took charge of the product design for the entire synthesizer lineup. My design philosophy was rooted in minimalism, ensuring that the layout of controls on each synthesizer was both intuitive and functional. This approach allowed musicians to seamlessly connect with their instruments, enhancing their creative process without overwhelming them with complexity.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic designs of the 1980s, I infused a sense of nostalgia into my designs. This aesthetic not only resonated with seasoned musicians who cherished the era but also captivated a new generation of artists who appreciated the timeless appeal of retro design. By blending classic visual elements with modern functionality, I created products that were both visually striking and highly practical.

The minimalist yet nostalgic design of Dreadbox’s synthesizers was met with enthusiasm in the music industry. Musicians and reviewers alike praised the clarity and accessibility of the control layouts, noting how Dreadbox machines breathed new life into the market. The balance of form and function in our designs set a new standard, making Dreadbox a popular choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

My role in product design at Dreadbox, was driven by my passion for creating instruments that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhance the musician’s experience. The minimalistic approach, combined with 80s-inspired aesthetics, has set Dreadbox’s synthesizers apart in the industry.

Eurorack Modules


At Dreadbox, I extended my design vision beyond the synthesizers themselves to create packaging that reflects the brand’s minimalistic and nostalgic aesthetic. The packaging design is clean, simple, and directly connected to the product’s visual identity, ensuring a cohesive experience from the moment a customer first encounters our brand.


Printed Material

In addition to product and packaging design, I crafted a range of printed materials for Dreadbox, including product flyers, stickers, manuals, ads and posters. Each piece was designed to complement our synthesizers’ aesthetic, featuring clean layouts, vibrant 80s-inspired graphics, and clear, concise information. These materials not only served as informative and promotional tools but also enhanced the overall brand experience, making it cohesive and visually appealing at every touchpoint.

Set Design Photography

As part of my role at this company, I also led the photography for the synthesizers and effect pedals. My aim was to capture the essence of each product through visually striking and appealing photos that highlight their design and functionality. Utilizing creative lighting, angles, and compositions, I showcased the intricate details and aesthetic qualities of our instruments, ensuring that each image resonated with the brand’s minimalistic and nostalgic ethos. These photographs played a crucial role in our marketing campaigns, effectively communicating the allure and craftsmanship of our products to the audience.

production – sound design

production – sound design




Video Production

At Dreadbox, I spearheaded the video productions, handling every aspect from setting the scene and shooting to performing, sound designing, and editing. Each video was crafted from scratch to showcase the synthesizers and effect pedals in action. My goal was to create visually and sonically captivating content that highlighted the unique features and capabilities of the products. These videos not only served as powerful marketing tools but also provided an immersive experience for the audience, demonstrating the full potential of our instruments in real-world scenarios. Here are a few samples of my work 🙂



production – sound design


I also designed and built the website for Dreadbox, creating a minimal and clean online presence that reflects the brand’s aesthetic. The website features intuitive navigation, streamlined content, and a visually cohesive layout that highlights the synthesizers and effect pedals. This approach ensures an engaging user experience, allowing visitors to easily explore the products, learn about the brand, and access essential information. The website’s design reinforces the company’s commitment to simplicity and elegance, providing a seamless digital extension of the physical products.


Booth Design

I also designed exhibition booths for worldwide expos, ensuring the brand stood out with an excellent presentation. I strategically positioned and designed custom furniture, fabrics, and signage to create an inviting and functional space that showcased Dreadbox synthesizers. My booth designs focused on providing an engaging, hands-on experience for attendees, seamlessly integrating our minimalist and nostalgic aesthetic to enhance brand visibility and impact at these major events.


Another field I worked on was the company’s merchandise collection that includes T-shirts, windbreakers, posters, and bags, all inspired by 80s nostalgia and minimalism. Each item was designed to reflect the brand’s unique aesthetic, featuring clean lines, bold graphics, and retro-inspired elements. This collection not only extends the brand’s presence beyond the synthesizers but also allows fans to connect with our vision in their everyday lives.